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TBMaster is in its simplest form an easy way for vets and veterinary practices to record TB results.

Client Details

This is a onetime process for each new client. This screen stores all the relevant information to enable you to create a unique record and supply the correct details for the TB52; including such things as the practice mileage and alternative addresses. Best of all most of this information is created automatically when you import the test file from SAM.

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On this sheet each individual test that is completed for a client is recorded. The rest of the data that is required for the TB52 is also recorded here. Over time a full history of tests done and the results are built up. The details on this screen are also created automatically during the SAM file import process.


All the data for each individual animal is recorded here. The data for each animal can be input manually or via CTS, SAM or even certain farm systems. Results are imported from the handheld and then can be interpreted and reinterpreted to any level of severity.

There are multiple features on this screen allowing you to cross check all information prior to loading the data back into SAM. You can, for example, store all of the untested animals to create an accurate list for a subsequent part of the test.

You can also produce the paperwork such as the OV Checklist, Job Sheet and Medicines Sheet that are now required.


The handheld unit is designed to improve life on farm, the data is transferred from TBMaster to the unit and all the results are then input directly and interpreted there and then. The total data is then transferred back to TBMaster for final interpretation, TB52/TB52A production if required and the creation of a file to upload into SAM.


All results, if they are manually input are automatically and instantly interpreted and all animal numbers are verified as correct.

On the handheld the results are all interpreted automatically and instantly on farm and are then verified by reinterpretation when transferred back onto TBMaster at the end of the test.