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In 2000, we teamed up with ComTag Technologies who have been providing handheld devices for TB testing in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland for over 20 years.

The handheld devices have been extensively researched and field tested with vets and only the most practical and rugged machines are used. They are used and trusted by over 1000 vets in the UK and Ireland having been used to test over 50 million animals.

Software Features

  • Easy one step client and test creation
  • Simple creation of multiple part tests
  • Easily accessed total client test history
  • Secure, and SAFE, transfer to and from PC
  • Simple upload into SAM

Handheld Features

  • Easy to use and vets like using it!
  • Quick search and data entry
  • Multiple report features
  • Easy segregation of animals into groups
  • Warnings given for previous IRs, recently tested, calves under 42 days and Tracing tests
  • Quick and easy blood testing for BVD etc

Our Devices

cattle health devon

Urovo RT40

This top of the range machine is rugged and totally waterproof (IP68). It has a large keyboard with multiple function keys and its lithium ion battery gives you 10-12 hours of continuous use. It has a bright screen that’s very easy to see and it comes with a 3 year warranty which also covers accidental damage.

cattle health devon

Urovo DT40

The DT40 provides a lower cost option. It is rugged and compact and can be used in all weathers (IP67). Its numeric keyboard is easily switched to an alpha keyboard and touch screen menus make group switching and reporting really simple. The lithium ion battery gives you 8 - 10 hours of continuous use. It also comes with an a 3 year warranty which also covers accidental damage.

Both machines are multifunctional android machines that are both wifi and Bluetooth enabled. They have bar code readers and cameras built in and can be used as a phone.